Elderflower Cordial

Properties of Elderflowers:

Elderflowers have a delicate, subtly floral bouquet. Traditional cultures use elderflowers to address respiratory, viral, and skin infections, believing the blossoms to be both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, when taken as a tea or applied as a topical salve. Please note: Our Elderflower Syrup (Cordial) we recommend ONLY for fun and flavor as the amount of flowers is not sufficient to impart the flower’s phytonutrients.  For the full power of elderberry’s phytonutrients we recommend the ElderBERRY Syrup.

Our Elderflower Cordial:

To make our Elderflower Cordial, in the springtime we head to the hills and the hedgerows of organic farms, to pick the flowers in the warmth of the day when their flavor peaks.  We then create a simple syrup infusion of elderflowers and fresh lemons.   The resulting Elderflower Cordial is refreshing and inviting.

Recommended Uses:

Our Elderflower Cordial is versatile and delicious.  The Cordial is a truly exceptional addition to cocktails, sodas, and desserts. We suggest you add it to sparkling wine, fizzy water, or simply drizzle it over ice cream.  Our 200ml bottles provide between 8-13 servings per bottle, depending on how you use the product.  See our Recipe Page for more inspiration.  Please note:  Elderflower Syrup (Cordial) we recommend solely for fun and flavor.  For the full phytonutrients, we recommend our Elderberry Syrup!

Where to purchase:

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