Under the Cottage Food Act, I hold a permit to produce all of Carmel Berry Co’s products in my home kitchen.  I love this for many reasons, but one of the most personal reasons is that I get to cook and create next to the wall shown in this photo.

Those wooden gadgets hanging on the wall belonged to my grandparents.  They are shortbread presses and butter molds, passed down through generations.  When I was young, I ate my grandpa’s steaming oatmeal and my grandma’s homemade lasagna, right next to them.  I decorated Christmas cookies and learned to knit in their presence. When my grandparents moved into an assisted living facility, these treasures came with them and made their new surroundings feel like home.  

And now, hanging in my kitchen, they watch over the oatmeal and Christmas cookies of yet another generation.  And, happily, they keep me company while I create our Elderberry Syrup and Elderflower Cordial.  I’m pretty sure my ancestors — all of them farmers and home cooks — would approve!

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