Why elderberries?  That is the question that we hear the most when describing what our company produces!  The answer lies in preschool germs.  When our children were toddlers, we seemed to catch every cold that came through.  Sick of being sick and dedicated to natural health products, we discovered Elderberry Syrup.  It’s super high in antioxidants, packed with vitamins, and has been used as a folk remedy for centuries.  


We began taking the syrup through the winter.  We were pleased with the results for our family, however we were not pleased with the environmental footprint, as all of the available syrups were produced across the ocean.  Nor were we enthused by the long ingredient lists of some of the syrups we tried.  Nor were our children wild about the strong, thick European syrup flavor.


Then, amazing things happened!  We learned elderberries could grow in our climate.  So we planted some elderberry plants out our back door.  Next, we found out they’re native to North America and grow wild right under our noses!  We began harvesting wild berries in our valley and fine tuning our recipe.  Our syrup is light and delicious on its own or mixed in your favorite drink.  Thus, the seed for Carmel Berry Company was planted (pun intended of course!).


Two years later, we proudly present our Elderberry Syrup — local ingredients, handcrafted, and absolutely heavenly!  And our Cordial made with the flowers?  Delectable icing on the cake!  A surprise discovery that is quite possibly even more delicious than the Elderberry syrup we originally set out to make.   


We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know this superfruit — in all its delicious splendor!

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