My first encounter with the elderflower was on a warm summer evening at a good friend’s home.  They added a splash of an elderflower syrup, that they had imported from Europe, to my glass of plain old tap water.  WOW!  I had never tasted anything so subtly refreshing!


The golden syrup swirled and danced through my glass with little rainbow trails.  That simple moment of a cool, reviving glass of water with friends turned out to be a life changing event — although I didn’t know it at the time!


Years later, I discovered that elderberries (and, yes, their flowers) grow wild all around the valley in which we live, and the idea for Carmel Berry Company was born. Now, with these beautiful, delicate flowers we proudly offer you a local, handcrafted version of this golden gift, our Elderflower Cordial.  Not only your tap water, but your champagne and your artisan cocktails, too, will be delighted to get to know this gem of a flower.  Cheers!

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