Three Experiences That Made Our First Year Special

Carmel Berry Company is now 1 year old! We’ve had a busy and successful year, which included a unique blend of milestones, which involved learning, planting, growing, and giving back. It involved a lot of work in the field, at farmer’s markets, and in the kitchen!

Elderflowers in the Summertime

This is the life, huh? . For as long as I can remember, summertime at the cabin in the mountains of Colorado with my family has included the daily ritual of Fivesies.  Each evening at 5 o’clock (or thereabouts since schedules don’t rule the day here), the...

The Elderflower: A tiny thing of beauty!

My first encounter with the elderflower was on a warm summer evening at a good friend’s home.  They added a splash of an elderflower syrup, that they had imported from Europe, to my glass of plain old tap water.  WOW!  I had never tasted anything so subtly refreshing!...

Elderflower Lemon Bundt Cake